How You Can Help Someone with Depression

By Chuck Sugar

With the holidays sometimes depression can settle in. It can seem like sadness which is common, but can later fall into depression if left untreated.

Are you depressed or is someone close to you worried about your mood? If so, you are not alone. Depression is a common temporary problem and there is a lot that can help relieve you of your down feelings.

Many people are exhibiting many of the signs of depression without even knowing it. Depression can come on suddenly if it is associated with a trauma or overwhelming event, but depression often comes on very subtly; not all at once.

Depression can be paralleled with the same concept behind you not realizing your kids are growing up so fast because what you witness is gradual. A distant relative notices your kids growth and can't seem to believe it. So it is with depression. Your friends may notice it, but you've been gradually becoming more depressed and to you it seems to be just another tough day.

It can start with some anxiety, fear, hurt, or sadness and then move to seasons of sadness or "blue" feelings. Then it often gradually becomes real depression and can develop into severe major depression. Before you know it you're not sleeping well, your eating habits are changing, you feel numb, you are gaining or losing weight, you are having trouble concentrating, you are avoiding certain people or events, and beginning to isolate yourself.

Things that you used to do at one time are no longer enjoyable. Easy jobs are avoided and simple things like opening the mail, answering phone calls or daily chores become monumental.

What does it feel like to be depressed you may wonder. It can be different with everyone since there are many different personalities. Here are some common factors. 1. You are consistently irritable. 2. Activities do not seem interesting to you. 3. You feel like an unworthy person and you don't like yourself. 4. You lose sleep or sleep all the time. 5. You always seem to hurt physically. 6. You can cry at the drop of a hat. 7. You either gain weight or lose weight but you don't really notice. 8. You can not concentrate and you can not complete tasks. 9. You feel like there is no way out of what you feel. 10. You may be thinking of a permanent escape. Next, if you have thoughts of suicide or want to escape you can do some things to heal. The thoughts may be overwhelming and it is important that you seek solutions immediately. Even though it may seem impossible to talk to anyone, but a pastor or counselor deals with others having these same symptoms and they will help you work through these feelings. It helps to get a professional opinion.

When you talk to someone that is sworn to silence it can help make you feel better and relieve the tension that comes with the depression. Even though it seems there are no answers, there are.

Start a journal. This is free and it has proven to be a great success. If you write your thought without holding anything back, you will be able to relieve a lot of those thoughts that seem to trap you. If you are afraid someone will read the journal, keep it in a safe place or throw away the writing after it is written. It is still beneficial to get your thoughts out on paper. What a lot of people who have experienced signs of depression say that it helped them see how their thoughts were and helped get them back on track. It helped them also love themselves again for who they were.

Identify your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This is a simple exercise used in counseling. This is where you take one issue that is bothering you and break it down into 4 categories. You must keep it to one issue.

First, describe the situation. For example, I am angry that my husband is late again for dinner.

Second, write about your thoughts of what happened. For example, "if he loved me he would not have been late."

Third, write down your true emotions about the issue. I am fearful, I am sad, I am lonely because...etc.

Finally, explain on paper the path you are choosing to act out. For example, I am choosing to isolate myself because it makes me feel better about myself. The honesty in which you do this will unveil a heart you can view and start to heal.

Those that chose the path to end their lives yet failed were sharing how they became hopeful only after their thoughts were shared and they grew to understand the depression. They realized their feelings were temporary and easier to deal with.

You have heard that time heals, but time only heals if you are healing. If you are not healing, time just petrifies and hardens hearts and makes us self-defensive and over protective. Take a step and begin healing today and get ready for a happier and healthier life!

PS. If your depression has gotten to the point where you are having thoughts of ending your life, please call 911 and get some help immediately. Or call a counselor, who will know how to help. - 30407

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How Nashville TN Back Specialist Dr. Woodie Moore Helps Locals Live Pain-free

By Selena Chery

There are millions of back pain sufferers that are popping pills and getting by as best they can, when the answer to their problem is right nearby. There are Nashville herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis and different back pain conditions chiropractic specialists that can treat your back pain naturally.

If you would like a natural and non surgical way to relieve your back pain or herniated disc, then you should see out the services of one of the many Nashville herniated disc specialist chiropractic centers. They offer treatment plans that do not involve taking pain killers or having to have an operation done on your back.

To treat back problems, there are loads of techniques that experienced chiropractors use to restore health. On top of these, there are often additional natural treatments such as massage or gentle strengthening exercises that are given to assist treatment.

Nashville herniated disc chiropractic specialists will begin your treatment by giving you a thorough diagnosis. After that they will come up with a treatment plan for you to get rid of back pain and help to relieve the underlying problem. A popular technique used by chiropractors treating herniated discs is decompression therapy, which serves as a pain reliever.

When suffering from a herniated disc, you should think about visiting a chiropractic doctor for advice before having any surgery to fix a herniated disc. Your doctor may even be able to recommend a Nashville herniated disc specialist who can undertake an assessment of your condition.

Nashville herniated disc chiropractors such as Dr. Woodie Moore of Harpeth Chiropractic Center are very experienced at gently and carefully treating herniated discs and helping patients to overcome their back problems without resorting to surgery or medication. If you have back pain, a natural solution is awaiting you. - 30407

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Nashville Decompression Therapy Helps Locals With Herniated Disc Problems

By Hans Gerhard

The chiropractic perspective dictates that Nashville decompression therapy takes into account two fundamental concepts. 1 ' that the healing and functioning of the body is influenced by its condition and structure, and 2 ' a mind-body relationship is required to be integrated for healing and the maintenance of good health.

Much in chiropractic practice is shared with other fields of medicine, the difference however lies in its fundamental philosophy, and distinguishes it from modern medical practice. This philosophy is applied holistically and the combination of mind, body and spirit elements gravitates this practice towards the 'total' person. The belief is that health is dependent upon 'natural laws' and it is deviation from these which cause illness.

Surgery is not part of this philosophy, it focuses on the body's power to recuperate and heal itself with the correct techniques and direction. It is widely recognized that the underlying cause of an illness needs to be understood for healing to take place, and lifestyle and environment are contributing factors to illness. Treating the symptoms of an illness instead of discovering its underlying cause can mask the true nature of the illness. Chiropractic also believes clinical and surgical intervention may be risky to the central nervous system which affects every human physiological capacity.

Nashville decompression therapy is hands on, patient centered and closely monitored. This treatment has been proven to offer relief from pain, and this in turn helps with the associated illness or complaint.

Decompression therapy has been used with success to treat back and its associated pain, and problems such as infantile colic, migraine, and carpal tunnel syndrome amongst others benefit from treatment. A herniated disk or slipped disks as we know it to be called causes back and other pain, and with early chiropractic intervention relief can be found.

Discs are the liquid filled spacers between the bones of the spinal column, if they are out of alignment they may bulge between the bones of the spine and put pressure on the spine and nervous system. Realignment of the disks through chiropractic therapy can relieve this pressure as well as pain. - 30407

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Memphis Garage Door Repair For Your Home

By Jamie Jones

There are many things that can happen to keep your garage door from operating smoothly. If your garage door is not operating correctly, your car may be stuck inside the garage or the contents of your garage open for anyone to take what they want. You may need professional Memphis garage door repair to get that door working, as it should.

One item that often must be replaced on a garage door is the spring. The garage door spring is under high torsion and repair or replacement should be left to the professionals. Replacing this spring can cause danger to you and those helping you. Many people have been injured and some have died while trying to replace a garage door spring.

There are several things that may go wrong with garage door openers. It will require both mechanical and electrical ability to repair an opener, but it is often less expensive to pay for a repair than to replace a garage door opener.

Sometimes a garage door can bind and hop the track. A garage door repair person can get your door back on track and fix the track so that the roller does not constantly come back off the track. This will allow the door to open and shut as it should.

There are some items of garage door repair that are easy for most homeowners to do on their own. These repairs do not involve the danger of some of the previously mentioned repairs.

Clean the garage door tracks. You can use a clean paintbrush to sweep out any accumulated debris from the garage door tracks. Debris left in the track is a major cause of rollers binding and getting off of the track. If some of the accumulations have stuck on the track use a household cleaner to remove them. Be sure that you lubricate the track after cleaning.

To lubricate the pulley, track and rollers, you will need a garage door lubricant. You should be able to find this lubricant at a home repair store. If you cannot locate the lubricant, then use graphite powder on the pulleys and tracks and lubricating oil for the rollers.

Be sure that you take the time on a regular basis to make sure that all fasteners, including nuts and bolts have been tightened. Loose fasteners can lead to many other garage door problems. Tightening them can prevent these problems from developing.

Remember that if your garage door has problems beyond basic maintenance, it is in your best interest to make a phone call to a Memphis garage door repair specialist. - 30407

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